The Friends of the Yom Kippur War Center was created to support, promote and sustain the establishment of the Yom Kippur War Center in Natanya, Israel.

The story of the War has never before been told on a national scale and on a permanent site. Tales of the lead up, the surprise attack, the vigorous counter-attack, the massive civilian contributions, the political stakes and maneuvers, are all waiting to be told from one enduring home.

In October 2023, on the 50th anniversary of the War, our vision is a Center that will open its doors to the public, creating a landmark for the city of Natanya, and for the Nation of Israel. We invite you to partner with the Yom Kippur War Center on this exciting journey.

Join us as we assume our rightful place as a national and international treasure, with a legacy for future generations to come. 

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Annual fee of $120


Annual fee of $180


Annual Fee of $240