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Purpose And Objective

To confer upon generations to come the history and legacy of the war

To serve as a space of remembrance for the 2,673 fallen heroes and their bereaved families

To recognize and honor the nearly 400,000 active duty and reserve veterans who participated in the war

To serve as the nation’s de-facto historic and academic institution for research of the war, its political, social and historic implications serving:

      a. Schools and Universities

      b. Academic institutions and scholars

      c. Research foundations

      d. Academic and research institutions

      e. Political think tanks

      f. Military institutions

      g. Veterans and families

      h. Young active duty soldiers

      i. Tourist and visitors individual visitors




Auditorium and Conference center

Hall of remembrance

Hall of valor and remembrance

Public Library and archive

Digital Data Base  

Class Rooms

Indoor and outdoor museum display of ground, air and sea armory

Auditorium and convention center facilities

Time Line

Our goal is to raise the necessary funds to support the construction of the center to be completed and open its doors to the public by October 2023, on the 50th. Anniversary of the war.  

Join Us

Your support and involvement is vital as we assume our rightful place as a national and international treasure, with a legacy for future generations to come. 


Contribution to the nonprofit

The establishment of the center involves many resources. We need your help and support in order to realize this Historical act .