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  • To confer upon generations to come the history and legacy of the Yom-Kippur War.
  • To honor and recognize the warriors.
  • To serve as a place of remembrance of the many fallen and their bereaved families
  • To become a base for comprehensive research of the war and its lessons.


  • To build a Center that will present prior, during and thereafter war events, by the Government. Emphasize the decisions made by the Army and how the war was conducted, in the North & South regions by all Arms Corps.
  • To setup a Hall of Bravery and Remembrance, to all the brave warriors who fought fearlessly on the ground air and sea. To the wounded and those carrying their injury forever and the captives.
  • To honor and remember the many fallen and their bereaved families.
  • To establish an educational facility that will enable access to the information and educate future generations, deepen awareness and knowledge among soldiers, students and the public.
  • To become a center-piece and anchor in Israel’s cultural, expressing one of its most defining event in its history.
  • To establish a research facility for comprehensive studies of the war and its lessons. House the massive known information, help reveal the unpublished and unknow about the war.
  • To pass a parliamentary bill, designed to recognize our Center as a National Heritage Site, to ensure Government funding to secure its future operation and role for generations to come.

The Facility

  • A Center court-yard with an outdoor display
  • A Main building that will house:
  • A Lobby
  • A major hall displaying the War History and major events.
  • Hall of Fame & Remembrance
  • Auditorium and Convention center.
  • Library & Gift Shop
  • An Education facility
  • An Research Facility and archives.
  • Management and Maintenance Facility.
  • Parking area.

Join Us

Your support and involvement is vital as we assume our rightful place as a national and international treasure, with a legacy for future generations to come. 


Contribution to the nonprofit

The establishment of the center involves many resources. We need your help and support in order to realize this Historical act .