The Yom Kippur War Center

The House for the war Warriors

Who We Are

Established by veterans of the Yom Kippur War in the US and UK the Friends of the Yom Kippur War Center is a non-profit organization based in New York and tasked with the goal of supporting a very important project: The creation of The Yom-Kippur War Center in Netanya, Israel.

Our Vision

The 1973 Yom Kippur War Center, soon to be recognized by the Israeli government as a National Heritage Center, will be the Israel’s institution dedicated to commemoration, education, and research of the War, its historic context, political national security implications, and its long term military, social and psychological consequences.
To honor the nearly 400,000 active duty and reserve veterans who fought in the war, the 2,673 killed, 301 prisoners of war, over 11,000 injured and 12 still missing in action.
In October 2023, on the 50th. Anniversary of the war, our vision is a Center that will open its doors to the public, creating a landmark for the City of Netanya and the nation of Israel.

President’s Message

Dear Friends,

The 1973 Yom Kippur War was one of the most heroic tests the state of Israel has ever faced. In a coordinated, surprising attack, during the holly day of Yom Kippur, Syria and Egypt have invaded Israel’s territories from the Golan heights in the north and the Suez Canal at the south, threatening to destroy our 25 years old state, only 28 years after the holocaust. Suffering 2,673 fatalities, 19 still declared MIA, over 11,000 injured soldiers, and 301 of combatants falling in captive, we, who participated in the 1973 war, have felt that the very existence of our nation is at risk. Yet, we never gave up. We never stopped fighting. We never stopped believing that we can do it. That we can win this war against all odds, if we just survive another battle, another day, another night.

Many of us didn’t come back from the war. More have lost limbs, or developed PTSD. But those who survived, and stayed alive, all of us, are ready today to tell the story of this war, to archive it, before it’s get forgotten. Before it’s too late. The history of the Yom Kippur War should be told, survive the passage of time, and serve as an example for next generations of Jews around the globe.

Today, I am delighted to tell you that a Center for Yom Kippur War is under planning, and construction will start soon. We, Friends of Yom Kippur Center are launching a campaign to support the Yom Kippur Center (see website), its establishment and operation. The Center will serve as an innovative one of its kind that will include a Hall of Valor and Commemoration, a display of the War History and Heritage, an Auditorium, an Educational Wing and a Research Facility, attracting civilians, soldiers, and researchers from around the world. We are asking for your support, and the support of all who are interested to restore and disseminate the remarkable accounts of scarify, bravery, rescue and love, and unlimited commitment to Israel, and its eternal existence.

Help us to succeed in this important mission,

Yours truly,

Rami Swet


Yom Kippur War Center

Our Team


S. Abraham (Avri) Ravid, PhD– President

Isaac Yohanan – Secretary

Yitzhak Loria – Treasure

Board Members:

Assaf Drori – Canada

Danny Arbusman – USA

Joseph Ezraty – USA

Isaac Yohanan – USA

Yitzhak Loria – USA

Itzhak Brook, MD

Rami Swet – Israeli Ass. Representative


Michael Clark, Esquire Sidley Austin LLP

Larry Kramer – CPA

Mr. Paul Ellenbogen – Resource Manager